Tiganitis A.C.Η.


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Anyone interested to participate and help, is very welcome every Wednesday at 20:00, in the club’s open meeting, at the address Skordilon 58.
Tiganitis Sports club
In the wake of a series of successful attempts to create a self-funded local football team throughout Greece (Thessaloniki, Volos, Larisa, Athens, Ioannina, Patra), a new effort from the Heraklion of Crete comes to add its name to this list. The will to self-organise, the love for the game, and the shared political contextual provided the driving initiative for its creation. It is then in the turbulent summer of 2015 that one more effort, takes its first step. On 2017 a new promising effort starts for our rookie basketball team!


Origin of the name
During the Nazi occupation of the 1940’s, a Cretan shepherd under the name “Michalis Vrentzos”, used to help the rebel alliance in the Mount of Psiloritis, by providing bread and water to the soldiers. A traitor named “Magiasis” surrendered Vrentzos to the German forces, and a group of soldiers hiked the mountain to find him, along with other traitors. There, in the plateau of Nida on the Great Mountain of Psiloritis, “Michael Vrentzos” met a humiliating death, from the hands of Magiasis. Another 392 supporters of the rebel alliance met the same fate, after Magiasis gave their identities to the Nazis.
The war ended, Magiasis was caught in Athens and he was put to trial in the Hearklion Court of traitors. The brother of Michalis, Giorgos Vrentzos, also known as Tiganitis, was called to testify. Planning to avenge for his lost brother, in accordance with the traditional moral laws of vendetta, he managed to pass a knife through the security of the court on the day of the trial. When his name was called, he approached Magiasis and stabbed him twice under the chest, surrendered the knife to the judge and turned himself in. Magiasis did not survive the attack. Tiganitis was later transported to Chania, to be put on trial for the murder of Magiasis. Utilizing the decision of the Strategic Alliance of the Middle East, that called the Cretan population to avenge the traitors, he was found innocent and so he returned to his village Anogeia, to pass the rest of his years.


Structure and organisation
The team is entirely self-organised, a product of good-will and individual initiative. A place where equality is taken for granted, and moulding between its members creates an educative environment. In this premise anyone independent of his age, colour, sex, nationality, religion and economic status that shares and promotes these ideas can participate in any possible way. Any kind of authoritarian behaviour that narrates to fascism is condemned and excluded from the team. The only decision making body is the general assembly, where members of the team meet up and discuss weekly about current matters. Consistency among its members and participation to the weekly general assembly, as well as to any possible deeds that might occur is considered of great importance.


Team Funding
The infiltration of money is what has shaped modern day football to one of the most profitable products worldwide, where everything has a price, and the unanimous love for the game is only seen as an opportunity to exploit. Tiganitis is entirely self-funded, free of sponsorships, dependent only on the support of all those who love and cherish the team. Vital sources for the economic sustainability of the team include collective cuisines, parties, selling team memorabilia like T-shirts, scarfs, membership cards.


Sport Ethos
Our only drive is the love for the game and thus any result is welcomed with enthusiasm. We prefer to see our opponents as our teammates and co-participants in the game. Any act of hooliganism has no place in our stands, nor outside of them. Our stand is considered an integral part of the team and a mean of celebrating the very purpose of this effort. The game of football.
Finally, regarding the upcoming participation into the third division of the local league in Heraklion, we feel the obligation to mention that it is not a product of self-assertion, but a way to spread our views and enjoy this game.